The Trap
Chasing the Sunset
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Cemalidor says:

Well, that was a nice 'catch' for sure. ^^

P.S. first?

Baggis says:

The more complex the trap, the bigger the chance for it to catch something. Or fail in epic proportions :P

Anakha says:


Also: yay, after ages: An Update!

Mithandir says:

Yeah, sorry about the long hiatusses. It's gotten to the point where I haven't even dared read comments for the past few weeks because I know I'm dissapointing you lot. Good thing alien is around to keep an eye on spam.

Nerrin says:

I think trying to catch a faerie in anything less would be doomed to failure, just because anything simpler would cease to be amusing and odd enough to actually contain the faerie. So, good work.

Pulsar says:

Ahahahaha! This one was definately worth the wait XD Reminds me of them Rube Goldberg machines you see on youtube.

Lindale says:

I'm definitely not dissapointed with this strip *loves Leaf's decision to use all his plans at once!* XD

And I wouldn't be dissapointed if you took a long haitus - if your hand needs to rest then that's what you have to do! My health's a bit rubbish at times so I know what it's like to feel like you're letting people down because you can't/shouldn't do stuff (and I'm sure there are other readers who have the same problem) ...but most people understand that if you're ill or have an injury then it's not your fault. :)

Cemalidor says:

I on the same side as Lindale in this matter. ^^ I enjoy what i can get.

Nebra Reppalk says:

You see, the trap only worked because they didn't discuss it ahead of time. Therefore it benefited from the unspoken plan guarantee. Any plan not discussed will be successful.

Antonymous says:

Nice panel layout in this one. It suits the subject.

Don't worry about disappointing the readers with lack of updates - we (especially those who use a feedreader) tend to only notice when there's an update.

Osk says:

you have to admit, all the plans worked

Pendraco says:

actually doesn't look the plan totally worked, i think they caught Feiht instead of a faerie ;)

Ford Prefect says:

Yeeeeaahhhhh...sorry guys & gals, but all they caught was Feight. AGAIN.
Love the traps, though.

arbiterIan says:

but who knows? she seems a good control I think.

Sabreur says:

Don't worry, we still love you!

All comics go through long hiatus' on occasion, and things like hand injuries don't exactly make special allowances for writers and artists. It's not a big deal, and today's comic was totally worth the wait.

Someguy says:

Now, after all that complexity, all we need is Feiht to pop up with a carrot going "eeeeeeeeeh what's up doc".

Cemalidor says:

So maybe a live action test for the trap? :lol:

Mithandir says:

Feel free to build it out of legos :)

MadMann135 says:

When in doubt... use all.

Lee says:

And that's how "Mousetrap" was invented.

no one says:

your back!!!!!


Only Feight would try to sneak up on a bell....:P

Falsesummer says:

I particularly like the hidden picture.
It's nice to see you're still able to update when you can, but don't overdo it! Take the time you need to recover.

Ultrainventor says:

Mith, don't worry about taking a while. you needed to make sure your hand got better.

no one says:

Leaf and Ayne look weird

4WindsWanderer says:

You'd look weird too if you got shrunk.

Pulsar says:

LOL! Thanks for pointing that out Falsesummer, i completely forgot to check for hidden pictures, and it would have been a crying shame to miss this one.

Alien says:

no one: I know. Haven't drawn them in too long, and never got them right in the first place. Sorry for the bad quality.

Osk says:

yeah, it did remind me of that mousetrap game. And the traps all worked. And it caught something closely resembling a faerie, so its definately not a complete failure. However, i strongly suspect they need to get less "constructive" and more "natural" for it to work

Ford Prefect says:

Waaaaaiiiiitttt, what hidden picture? Would someone care to explain this to me?

Osk says:

by the way, where did he get that barrel?

Lee says:

To find the hidden picture use the Magnifier. Click on the magnifying glass icon below the picture and then scan it over the big gaps between panels.

Ford Prefect says:

Ah, I see. It's really funny =D

Ford Prefect says:

Wait, if they're that small, wouldn't Feight be microscopic or something?

Ultrainventor says:

Osk: that is a good question. now that I think about it, where did they get the net? Feiht probably stole the bell at some point and was keeping it in her bottomless pockets. it is kind of shiny. but why is there a blue band attatched to the barrel? GAH! stop getting me to contemplate things! once I get going, I cant stop until I find the answer to the question I am asking or being asked! it is the reason that I can invent so many things in a short time, hence the nickname Ultrainventor.

Ultrainventor says:

GAAAH! then I go on long monologues like that!

Osk says:

the blue band is mysterious. But the net is easy to explain. Try traveling with a pixie without one

Osk says:

and there was a discussion on feiht's size in a previous comic and it gave everyone a headache

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Feiht probably didn't get shrunk.
Yay! You're baaaaack!

that guy again says:

A net within a barrel within a net. Yup, can't catch a fairie with less.

Winterbay says:

Bad quality? I love it :)

ALso if you want to see a comic that goes on even longer hiatuses, and also more often, than you then take a look at Computer problems and health issues are legio over there :)

Since I find that CtS is one of the funniest and best drawn comics around atm I don't think you should be too hard on yourself. (I am not a graphic artist nor comedian though so...)

ultrainventor says:

hmm... now that I think about it, that doesn't look much like something I would invent. then again, most of my inventions use plenty of electricity, gears, and things that go boom.


Reminds me of Ratigan in "The Great Mouse Detective."... ;^^

Haubarren says:

Gnomish Fling Master 3000, meet Leaf's Ultimate Tiny Fey Trap!!

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