Faerie Dragon Airlines
Chasing the Sunset
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KBKarma says:

"If you exit, it's an emergency." Damn right. If you exit, you fall. That's a big ol' emergency right there... :D

-Norbert- says:

I love how Myhrad has his tail coiled around the faeriedragon.
But who is Sally?

Darius Drake says:

Leaf's next words: "Hello again Sally!"

I would also like to say that Myhrad shouldn't be flying, as the fairy dragon is probably flys faster than Myhrad can.

Pulsy says:

Omg they're riding the cute shiny thing! That's awesome! Never thought that'd happen when it first appeared. And it's SO pretty! You guys do the most amazing artwork, seriously! And the red dragon does look like sally a bit :P

Lindale says:


Zimmy says:

Wasn't Sally the Mad Wizards dragon?

Lee says:

So the faeries have visited a dimension that has airlines, then...

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

I Really Really LOVE the Faerie Dragon. I'm gonna see if I can figure out how to crochet one... might have to dye my own yarn to get the right colors for the pastel spines and ridges but he's SO pretty!

Mithandir says:

RocksMapsAndCrafts: Send us a picture of it if you do! :)

Timelord says:

Dragon in reference? Gasp! - http://www.fantasycomic.com/index.php?p=c555

eekee says:

Ppor Ayne. :)

Ultrainventor says:

what!? where did the other dragon come from?

Osk says:

we're in fairy land, where else would a dragon come from?

Lee says:

Don't think I will.

Lee says:

Please disregard previous post, which was in response to a now-deleted bit of spam.

neuefruhling says:

When I reloaded my OS I lost my bookmarks and forgot about Chasing the Sunset. I am so sorry!!!!!!!

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