Chapter 2: The Debt of Sorcery
Chasing the Sunset
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krazzy says:

this is my favourite chapter title page-thingy

Pav Lucistnik says:

Mind the squirrel (tree on the left)!

Violet says:

Alien, These introduction pages are beautiful!!! Good job!!

... says:

Why is the squirrel following the elves?

Because they're nuts!

Icy says:

*comical drumroll*

ArcticChicken says:

What, no mushrooms?

4WindsWanderer says:

I wonder what will be revealed in this chapter. Is it possible that I will find out why Ayne is taller than Leaf although she's 12 years younger and a girl?

dancer says:

it almost looks 3-d!!!!

Bubbles says:

It's scamper!

Bastet says:

Hey! Girls don't have to be shorter then boys!

Shadow Phoenix says:

Squirrelly wrath! Myhrad looks like he rolled in powdered sugar. Still, pretty chapter pic.

Rendezvous says:

the is squirrel is coming ruuuuun

*Skittles* says:

I L♥ve the shading.☻

Lone Star says:

Sorry...oooo, purdy picture

Statri says:

Fabulous! The best one yet. Gettin' better, hon; nice attention to detail. Keep up the good work!

hkmaly says:

Why is this not beginning of chapter anymore ?

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