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Chasing the Sunset
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harrier says:

yay, new one again
Love the 'Oh' at the end :)

Rose says:

Haha - that's just awesome how Ayne shut her up. I think Big Sister is creepy tho. I wonder what'll happen next ^^ Leaf looks like he's doubting about staying with the faeries... :S

Odo says:

Ah, the eternal lure to return to the "simple" joys of childhood.

But Ayne has been a young adult for some time, and Leaf knows the pain of the Furies. Elder Sister really doesn't have any idea of what she's up against.

I love how you continue to develop the characters and expand the story.

hkmaly says:

Well, Ayne did that Amazon ritual which is supposed to be "step into adulthood" (comic #226) ... and is named Teryanil now.

hkmaly says:

And Myhrad is already flying, does that count?

hkmaly says:

BTW, why there are noone "In this strip" for last two strips?

Alien says:

Because I forgot to add it to the script. Fixed now, thanks for the heads-up.

Lindale says:

Yay comic! And that's a good point - if Ayne isn't a happy little child on the inside then what is she? O.O

Darius Drake says:

I wonder what the faries would do with the furies in Leaf?

spook says:

Ayne seems more like the type that wants to work. Some people really do enjoy working, and not just playing. All play can get boring after a while, it becomes less valuable when there's nothing to contrast it.

Ayne seems to have known that all along. Leaf seems to be learning it, his character has become a lot more grounded over the course of the comic.

MadMann135 says:

Ayne is looking like the adult who still keeps her child like heart. But knows when and when not to let it out.

RANDOM: I wanna see Leaf as a scientist. He would make an interesting scientist.

AnaharRequiem says:

Deep inside Ayne's heart... Deep inside Ayne's heart... ... Forget it. I barely cracked the surface and it scared me silly. I'd rather not know what lies deeper.

Unknown says:

@MadMann135: Cause he could use the furies to heat the chemicals?

Pulsy says:

Couldn't be more wrong, feary. Nu-uh. *shakes head*

Rose says:

Well if Leaf's supposed to be a scientist, then we might as well let Ayne be a kindergarten teacher xD Has about the same effect, no?

Unknown says:

Ayne as Kindergarten teacher?...Death and Destruction?
But you're right... Leaf as a scientist will have the same effect

Watsuki says:

We will rule the playground, as faerie and elf! Sorry, the Star-Wars buff in me loves this comic a little too much. And who's afraid of the the big bad Ayne? Well, other then most people she's come across.

hkmaly says:

Unknown: But for scientists blowing something up from time to time is acceptable behaviour. For Kindergarten teacher its not.

Unknown says:

Its not?? I'm surprised...
Anyways. Ayne as Kindergarten teacher wouldn't mean stuff being blown up... I think there would be some scared kids
Leaf would probably teach the kids to blow up stuff

Senel says:

Actually Ayne is more of a child then any other of the main characters. For one is her stubborn insistent she is not a child, and her rushing head long into events with out knowing the whole story is another. Now I am not saying that Fallen Leaf is more of an adult, I am just saying that Ayne is by no means an adult yet.

hkmaly says:

Unknown: I meant that "Death and Destruction" is acceptable behaviour for scientists but not for teachers. The blowing up is just Leaf's way of implementing "Death and Destruction", of course Ayne's way is different.

VexingVision says:

You obviously didn't have the same teachers/kindergarteners I had.

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