Dwarven Workaholics
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Despite our intrepid party getting lost for hours in town, Feiht still insists it is infact small.

krazzy says:

i don't pay to much to feihts words...

the krud says:

DRAGON ARMIES!?!?!?!? WOW! I wanna see them!

SagaciousNJ says:

Good story, oddly protrusive foreheads

Nebra Reppalk says:

You never know when the dragons will attack. Helps to be prepared.

Bubbles says:

Do a comic on the dragon armies!

Rendezvous says:

dragons are awesome!!!!!

Statri says:

Ayne's comment in frame 1 makes it sound like all soldiers are stupid. And I'd rather you not make fun of dwarves; they may be a bit eccentric on occasion, but I've read about some really good ones. Have you ever really read descriptions of dwarven halls? They build everything on a massive scale.

Lone Star says:

Or in Eragon, the city of Trojnheim

ultrainventor says:

i gess if you had large hadels and the entire village joined in you could get the door closed

Ultrainventor says:

hmm. maybe i designed the wall. my inventions often are the size of small cities and carry more armor and firepower than most countries. (actually only about three where that big and i haven't actually built them)

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