Trial in Pink
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

Well, if your magic is based on what you think is possible, then it's not JUST a dream ... reminds me how Amberites reacts to hallucinogenic drugs. They can go in any place they can imagine, so when they take LSD, they end up in very strange place ...

Winterbay says:

Ohh... Intersting twist. Also, yes they do. About the sheep that is. Also one of the best screen savers out there is Electric Sheep :)

Winterbay says:

Also: Double sized comic? Yay! :)

caribet says:

oooh! Shinies ....Ooops!

caribet says:

So sad about the kitty... deep sympathy.
I'd say our cats sent sympathy too, but like pixies, they don't think that far - but their owners do.

Watsuki says:

Never an easy thing to do. About the comic tho, are we supposed to notice her wings are really gone, or is she just storing them in some pixie-ish place? Anyone help me out here?

Darius Drake says:

I feel that pixies rely on their perception of self to display themselves. That is, they rely on what they are currently thinking to make others see that. As such, she loses her wings because she thinks that she no longer deserves her wings, as she is no longer a pest. Thus why they are small no matter the size of those around them, and why Feiht just lost her wings.

KBKarma says:

Hmmm... Seems the double-sized comic broke the expanded comment box.

Am I the only one to notice that this is a rewrite of the lyrics from The Trial? I actually started singing along. Well done.

Aaand now I have The Wall stuck in my head for another few weeks.

Ooga says:

Rock says:

Oh, dear... What would a wingless Feiht be like? And does that court hold to a stndard of Chaotic Neutral... or Chaotic Evil?

Nadialy says:

I started singing along too.

Rose says:

I think she's in some real trouble - the bad and not so usual kind of trouble. Poor feiht!

Rai says:

Yes! Pink Floyd!

Pulsy says:


Osk says:

heh reading amber chronicles on alternate worlds would be.... educational if not confusing

well, feiht, put more effort into it... ask the judges how many of them realy did many pranks in that out of the way swamp where noone actually showed up, and compare it to the... things in the city of the ex-golden-domes,-they-were-there-a-minute-ago,-shining-golden-and-such,-I-swear

eekee says:

I didn't get what was "wrong" with the last 2 panels at first, didn't want to believe it! *giggles*

KMZ says:

Just golden. The narrative, the song (I just love that scene in the Wall).. Everything. Awesome!

KMZ says:

Ayne in panel #5 is just great.

Pulsy says:

Now that i'm over the "wheeee, pink floyd!"-phase, nice background effects up there :D seems like a floaty, star-sky-thingy. Also - How is Feiht going to move around now? On those tiny legs it will take forever to get anywhere! I'm assuming she can't just magically bring them back (though i guess that would only be the case if she actually believed she couldn't do it). Maybe she'll need to ride kittens or flying seahorses permanently from now on :o

The Fansheep says:

Ehm .. she doesn't has wings in the last two panels *shivers* please please please don't let it be a wingless feith xD

Golux says:

Well, the Pictsies didn't need wings to be an annoyance and got around lightning fast. She'll have to dye her hair red and get blue tattoos though.

Drake says:

Rock: well, I think the definition of chaotic excludes organized courts, but then again I can't imagine a non-chaotic pixie. My mind, she is blown! Oh wait, pixie = anything is possible

eekee says:

Actually, like The Fansheep, I'm scared for Feight. I'm sure she'll be all right in the end, but... eep! I did notice big Feight didn't have wings in the chapter title page, but even so... eep! :) I'm wondering if she'll grow big quickly or slowly.

Rock says:

@Drake: While chaotic and court may seem mutually exclusve, they don't have to be. A chaotic court would be able to work much faster, for one thing. ^^;

@eekee: Well, look at it this way. Feiht may receive an entirely unwanted growth experience now, which will change her outlook on life. Could be verrrry interesting!

Rose says:

Oh my gosh, even her speech bubbles are normal now! Scary!

Osk says:

Don't forget drake, about pixie Law, which took the whole of sunday to be invented and discarded, and was a reaction on pixie anarchy, which happened saturday afternoon, just before armageddon... or something like that

CasaDelGato says:

Now I really need to listen to Pink Floyd the Wall again, just to get the cadence correct...

Lantaro says: god. You guys....rewrote....The Trial....and put it into a comic....about a fairy. THIS. IS. AWESOME.

OWKTree says:

Kudos for the Pink Floyd homage. Trickxy it was...

Now to see where the plot runs from here.

Gary Baker says:

Great site, keep up the good work.

Watsuki says:

I doubt Feight actually needs her wings to fly, come to think of it. According to the full grown dragons they ran into ages ago, pixies are only limited by what they THINK they should be able to do. Or something along those lines, I'll need to go back and find the comics again. Point being, if Feight wanted to shoot lasers out of her eyes, superman style, I don't think she'd actually need eyes to do so.

NeoDarklight says:

I just LOVE all of the references you put in your comic!

NeoDarklight says:

Hmm... Can I cause chaos here like I did at the EOU?

hkmaly says:

Watsuki: She doesn't need to FLAP with her wings to fly. She still needs them.

Francisco says:

Doubleplussevere? Are Pixie's from Oceania? Are they going to take her to Miniluv?

that guy again says:

"All my seconds of judging..."! ;-)

l says:

Feiht is a pixie, and, as people have noted, that means that her magic is based on what she believes it to be. Therefore, because she believes what the court said, not only does she lose her wings, but she becomes mundane like he sentenced her to be. So, she can't do magic because she believes that the other pixies have the ability to take away her magic, and that they did, so to her at least, she has no more magic, and in this case, she is the one who matters.

Also, it will be harder to cause chaos without magic, so... I'm looking forward to this arc.

Dungeons&Dragons Nerd says:

Nice we all needed some Pink Floyd.

Ultrainventor says:


Silverwolf says:

Yes, it WAS a dream. NOW, it's very much reality.

lawoma says:

WOOOW always loved "the trial" by Pink floyd.

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