Chasing the Sunset
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The Fansheep says:

this is the saddest thing that happend so far in this comic *snif*

Winterbay says:

I agree, this is an unexpected turn of events. Also, yay for more music references :)

Kaysta says:

Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide- no escape from reality...

Anyway I shall be signing AND feeling bad for Feiht.

...Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree? I travel the world and seven seas, everybody's lookin' for somethin'...

Black Mantha says:

Previous comic, some people thought she might have lost her wings because she dreamed she lost them, but panel 2 means it was real; she couldn't fly even though she thought she could. I wonder how much else she's now incapable of.
@Kaysta: Nice song choice.

Watsuki says:

Yeah, seems I was wrong about that. Oh well, not the first time I've been wrong, and I'd be suprised if it were the last. I wonder how feihts gonna deal with not being able to fly? Not too well so far. Despite her being so annoying even I as the reader get annoyed, I can't help but feel bad for her. Curious to see how things will go from here.

Watsuki says:

Man am I unobservent..servant... anyways, I JUST now noticed that feiht has two different colored eyes, which are wonderfully colored in under the magnifying glass, by the by.

bean long says:

will feiht ever get her wings back only time can tell.

Osk says:

feith, by definition, does not adhere to the law or anything the law tells her, so WHY are her wings gone

OWKTree says:

Just need a giant imaginary rabbit-pooka thing to ring a bell... ;)

VexingVision says:

I will now try to create a situation where I can make someone (else) go "Eeek! Gravity!", and webcomics will be blamed. Just saying.

eekee says:

Paw feight! I can't wait to find out what happens to her, I'll be following this chapter closely. :) Hum.. I guess next she'll try her magic, and I'm guessing it won't work at all.

Golux says:

Love how her eartennas stand straight out from her head when winglessness dawns...

hkmaly says:

Black Mantha: Nothing changed. She does believe she can't fly without wings. We already knew that - that dragon spoke about it (that she needs wings, but doesn't need wings with any specific aerodynamical properties). She might lost part of voluntary control over her powers, but let's be frank, they ALWAYS worked more on subconsciousness level ...

Rock says:

This is an interesting series of events... I wonder whether Feith is hiding because she's embarrassed to be seen without wings, or because she fears the wrath of Ayne if she can't fly away from her.

Rock says:

Another note: Is it coincidence that the first thing she thinks of when properly awake, is to continue the quest at hand? Even if she motivates it with typical Pixie greed, might this be a sign that some of the pure randomness has been leeched out of Feiht? More and more intriguing. What might Feiht yet become?

justchris says:

That is a good question Feiht. Why didn't you dream that?

Pulsy says:

Eek i almost missed this comic! Love how Feiht's antenna's stretch out in the third panel XD

l says:

Rock: Maybe she is really nice, but tries to hide it with shinies.

Also, to all who are talking about her not being able to fly:

Her flight relies on her ability to believe she can fly. Because of the dream, it is possible that she is in doubt of her own abilities, causing her to be unable to fly.

Also, sense pixie magic is all about belief and chaos, we may never know if the pixie council was real or just a dream. For all we know, they could have really taken her wings away, instead of it just being her belief in the dream. Or the council could be real, but the only power over her they have is her belief they have power over her.

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