Chasing the Sunset
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caribet says:

oh dear, poor Feiht - lost her magic, gained a conscience, too...

Lantaro says:

No amount of clapping can bring that sort of pixie back from the brink!

Francisco says:

Is she going to explain the situation to the others?

MultiversalInk says:

The thought of a schizophrenic pixie frightens me too.

Rock says:

Um. Don't hit me or anything, but... I'm really starting to like this Feiht. ^^;

Pulsy says:

Having an identity crysis are we? Poor Feiht...

Vorlonagent says:

Our little Feiht is growing up.

Osk says:

if Feith 2 shows up, the evil twin, we know its just her imagination. after all, what she imagines comes true

Osk says:

btw, 3rd frame, it looks like she has hair growing out of her ear... ew

eekee says:

Ahh, she is thinking differently. I thought she was last comic.

hkmaly says:

Why do bigger version of comix have same size as normal comix?

Osk says:

cause its a comic, it defies natural rules and intuition

Rose says:

I'm beginning to wonder if Feiht has any magical abilities left at all... Allthough she's still the same size (which is decided by the people she's around or somehting) losing her wings must've put her in a mad position where she can't do much pranks easily.
Poor Feiht :

Sheela says:

I'd like to know what kinda shinies that Leaf used to have?

Francisco says:


He had a bow and arrow and a few essentials:

I think they also picked up some stull along the way.

Zedd says:

Ok, maybe I just never noticed, but her technicolor eyes are sorta freaking me out.

Lantaro says:

Haha I was just gonna say that, I never noticed that her eyes change colors.

Rose says:

They change colours? Fo' real? I thought my eyesight was just playing pranks on me! *sigh of relief* I didn't say anything because I wasn't entirely sure. I don't use a magnifying glass see :P

Pulsy says:

You don't? Why not? it's right there under the comic and it shows a LOT more detail. Mith programmed it especially for us so we could see the tiny jokes that would remain hidden otherwise. Like colorshifting pixie eyes!

that guy again says:

"Or you'll go mad and start talking to yourself." Umm...

l says:

Francisco: Don't forget that he had the staff of Mel... That wizard guy (I don't like Lightning)

I suppose that when she gets her wings and magic back, she will also stop caring about the quest as much, believing it was a result of the mundanification that made her so nice.

coraphise says:

OMG... all this time (not counting time off, I'm catching up!) and I NEVER noticed Feiht's eyes were not the same color! D:

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