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Scoot says:


morg-fire says:


Lindale says:


izuru says:

GAAAH! Wth is that !?!

Ms. Draca says:

*checks the site to make sure this isn't a joke strip* *checks again* .... Woooo! Congrats! Picked out any names yet?

Pulsy says:

It's aliiiiiive! it's ... it's ... erm ... where is it? I totally don't see it o.O
*starts using the magnifier, which, contrary to expectations, actually works!*

Therru says:

I guess that's like a tiny new person and not some kind of nasty tumour? And that congratulations are in order? Huzzah! Just make sure Feiht doesn't steal it. :)

Kaiou says:


Lantaro says:


wolfsoul says:

congatulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Mithandir says:

For those who can't make sense of the picture: that's a baby there. Well, a 3-month old embryo. The picture is very unclear unfortunately (it showed up much clearer on the actual screen, but when he printed the doctor didn't use one of the clearer ones). The dotted line shows the length of the foetus, with (iirc) the head on the right. If I'm not mistaken, the bright oval spot almost exactly in the middle of the pic is the heart (you could see it beating on the screen). Due date is estimated for 11/1/11 (or 1/11/11 if you're american)



Rock says:

Congratulations! :D How long until your little one officially enters the world?

Francisco says:


hkmaly says:


I think that it's normal that there is nothing seen on still image. That's why they have it moving on screen. You should've insist you want video from that. My sister got one.

caribet says:

Congratulations to the three of you!

Watsuki says:

Woah... congrats guys. I hope you're already stocking up on diapers. Daipers. Baby necessities.

LainaJuly says:

YAY Congrats Alien and Mith! I've been a lurker here for several years now, and you're in good company! I myself am 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby :) It is the most amazing thing in the world, enjoy!!!

Darius Drake says:

Congratulations! ...I'm unsure if I should say anything else, so I'll say it again.


lyssipe says:


Hornet says:

Ah!!! nothing like more demon spawn!

But seriously Congratulations.

Ikwig says:

Absolutely awesome - congratz, whoo-hoo, woots, felcitations and all the rest! :)

Ardell says:

congrats!!! =)

Rose says:

Wow! That's terrific! Just don't get the picture laminated! :D

Sabreur says:

Wish I had something more insightful to say, but my brain is stuck on "EEEEEEEEE! Congrats!"

Vorlonagent says:

Now you went and did it.

Well actually you went nd did it three months sgo.

Mucho gratz.

Anakha says:

Concratilations and Salutations!


Ahhhhh congratulations!!!! That's so exciting!

Rose says:

:O someone stole my name! Grats with the little one! And, you live in Hoboken? Wth? In Belgium?!

Baldric says:

Congratulations to both of you !

Sitara says:

Congrats!!! May it be healthy and bring you great joy.

Sitara says:

Also, ultrasound machines don't always come with the best printers. Actually they usually come with terrible printers, unless they're specifically in the business of baby ultrasounds.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Wow, I don't come on here nearly enough any more. Oh my god! Congratulations congratulations congratulations congratulations! I loooove you two! This is the coolest thing in the universe!
Pick a fantastically beautiful name, plzkthanx.

Mithandir says:

Rose: yes, hoboken, Belgium. Not hoboken, New Jersey, which is just another proof of american's inability to come up with original city names :P

Lusiad says:


eekee says:

aww congrats!

bean long says:

is that a pic of your heart?


congratulations :)

Rose says:

Omfg! I gotta come visit sometime! I live like 15km away! :D Well maybe when the baby's there huh? ^^

Ferial says:

Congratulations, both!! ^__^

Watsuki says:

So, do you both speak Dutch, German or French, in addition to English then? Your child will have the benefits of that then, very cool ^^

Alien says:

Rose: Nifty! You'd certainly be welcome. (feel free to use our emails at the bottom)
Watsuki: Not quite. I speak English, Norwegian, and my old German knowledge is slowly being replaced with Dutch (those two are too similar to keep apart :P). Mithandir speaks English, Dutch, French, and is learning Norwegian. So we figure we'll raise it on Dutch and Norwegian, and add in the other ones as we go along :)
Thanks for the congrats, folks. Appreciate it. We're currently trying to get everything at least planned, but we'll try to make it not impact comic too much in the future.

Calaron says:

Congratulations Alien! Or Syliel, as I once knew you ;) I hope things are well with all three of you, and can only imagine how happy you must be now!

Bree says:

I'm a lurker hear, saying congratulations, hoping you have a happy and healthy baby!!

Alien says:

Thank you, Calaron. Though I was never Syliel - that was Mithandir. You're quite right otherwise - he's so happy he's utterly giddy ;)
(I was running around as a silly, little rogue called Tarael, though I wouldn't be surprised if you don't recall him, he was hardly active in the druids' circle)

Calaron says:

Hah, allright. I never was sure anymore which one of you was the Syliel I knew, and apparently guessed wrong in the end ;) The name Tarael does ring a bell though! And to stay on topic, congratulations once again! I've no idea what's what on that picture, but the little gnome in there looks healthy to me :P

Zela says:

Whoo! Congratulations!! That is fabulous.
And you have one whopping huge fairy tale to read to him/her eventually. :D

Watsuki says:

Oh yeah, good point Zela. My parents always used to read me to sleep when I was a kid, how cool is it to read em to sleep with a story you wrote yourself?

Mithandir says:

I am in fact planning to write faerie tales for this kid. I'll be putting those online in 2 or 3 languages as well, with illustrations by Alien.

Dungeons&Dragons Nerd says:

You'll be great at telling stories to this kid, congrats.

Odo says:

Congratulations, since you were clearly trying for this result. May your child bring you joy in addition to all the extra work.

To be a little silly, the picture obviously needs the penwork of Alien and the shading and coloring talents of Mith in order to be clearly visible.

New thing I learned today, in addition to the good news for the happy couple. There is a Hoboken that is not in New Jersey, USA.

Anon says:

oh WOW! congratulations!! :D

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's so exciting!

grace2302 says:

Congratulations! That's so exciting. Enjoy it!

Sheela says:

AARGH, it's a monster !!
Quick, Slay it for exp and loot !!!! :)

j/k - And congrats. :)

Chevette_Girl says:

Yay! Look what you made!! A human bean!!! Congrats, I hope it's everything you dreamed it would be.

Ultrainventor says:

not funny Sheela.

PS: congratulations!

LadyPhoenix says:

OMG! Congratulations! Only 3 to go before you catch up with me! *giggle*

boonerunner says:

A baby! Squee! Congratulations.


Awesome! Congratulations! The comic can wait til you're ready. We'll be waiting patiently so fear not.

l says:

Congrats, but you must be careful. Just because you write this webcomic doesn't mean that you should take your example from it! So don't get lost in any floods.

Kat says:

OMG!!! Baby!!! Maybe I'll knit you two a turquoise baby beanie. :) Turquoise, because it fits if it's a boy or girl.

Itkovan says:

New cartoonist on the way you say?

Pulsy says:

So, it's gonna be Leaf for a boy, Ayne for a girl, right? :P

The Fansheep says:

Thats what Middle name are for ;) And congrats you two

Silverwolf says:


Nienna says:

Behold me being a broken record.

CyberSkull says:


I mean congratulations.



bean long says:

what the heck last time i came it was fourteen hours not one day. so what excatly is going on?

Carl says:

Congratulations! Enjoy the morning sickness, strange cravings, and pain of childbirth; not to mentions the long, sleepless nights, the fact that they'll be completely dependent on you for the next few years, then they'll suddenly blow you off at 15, and the fact that they'll still love you the whole time.

Silverwolf says:

So...based on the title...are you naming the kid Sinistar?

Watsuki says:

Silverwolf, -I- am Sinistar. Role's already taken.

hailstorm says:


zevm says:

you ever see alien?

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