Chasing the Sunset
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Lantaro says:

When all else fails, a timely bird-of-prey can get you where you need to go. Or, you know, eat you in transit. Thus is the peril of public transportation!

Osk says:

logic cant be denied. see horse it is

eekee says:

Sure, it's easy getting a hawk or an owl to pick you up. Getting them to drop you off, though, that's another matter.

But you knew that.

Unknown says:

I would like to know if she's still immortal, or if that feature was also striped from her.

Firelander says:

A pixie that is complementing LOGIC, she is officially doomed now, then again her other part wants to do something else with her power so that part of her is doomed as well.

Vorlonagent says:

Fortunately Feight was just in time for the 8:15 sparrow(hawk).

Ladyfox says:

Or maybe a Sparrow-Hawk? (O_O)

Kaiou says:

Logic plus bird of prey equals doom.

Pulsy says:

Yes, good thing logic still works ...
... ...

hkmaly says:

Firelander: If you look closer it is still pixie logic she use. Therefore she's safe. I mean, not more in danger that she already is.

eekee: Actually the hard part is getting them to drop you off somewhere you want to, as opposed to its nest or several hundred metters above ground.

Lee says:

Just as an aside, it's nice to see some closeups of Feiht. When she's with the human-sized characters she's usually drawn so small you can't see her face.

Indrico says:

OOOOOH, chanterelle! So good in cream of chanterelle soup (with sherry)!

Kitten says:

That's one beautiful bird.

bean long says:

I love the bird

VexingVision says:

I think Mithandir was annoyed by all of us posting that we understand Pixie Logic when he wrote this script. ;)

hkmaly says:

VexingVision: I don't understand why he should be annoyed. If so many of us understand pixie logic it's because he's so good teacher.

Francisco says:

As the proverb says:

Be careful what you wish for.

Watsuki says:

Glad to see, even with all the hustle and bustle that is doubtless consuming your lives currently, you're still able to post. I wonder what our young dragon or Ayne would have to say to Feiht using logic? I just get this lovely mental picture of Myrhad getting over his fear of flight in order to get as far away as possible...

Watsuki says:

Or Myhrad. Spell check, where are you when I need you? Not that I think you'd be much help...

Rock says:

Welcome to nature, where the small are eaten by the larger, and therefore should NOT climb up to positions where they are easily spotted. 'Good' Feiht has a lot to learn, still - and the more she learns, the less like a Pixie she is likely to become.

Ultrainventor says:

haha, hahah, and hahaha!

Rose says:

Great artwork, as always! I wonder what the bird is thinking, though... Kidnapping Feiht, not always a good plan...

Osk says:

Be careful what you wish for or a hawk might get it?

OWKTree says:

And remember that turtles think that eagles are such good friends until they get dropped off...

Osk says:

anyway, we now know why feith stuck around this long => " ..... the potential carnage those three represent."

the most hillarious example of that was with the 3 shops, way in the beginning, in my opinion. The heroes stand near three shops. A toystore, weapons store and an explosives store, when they notice feith missing.... you know what, search back in the archives and read it again, thats what i'm going to do now

NeoDarklight says:

Blarg. Update? Also, Feiht should become a chaos agent if she wants to earn her wings back without doing anything dastardly.

Watsuki says:

Hey, sorry to here she's gone guys. Still, glad at least it seems she went peacefully, I suppose not everyone gets that.

Watsuki says:

And next time I'll actually follow your link and comment there... sorry about that >

Osk says:

With most comics i usually stopped checking for updates when they announced irregular updates. especially if it could take a few weeks. Not with you. I'm still here, pretty much every day, hoping for more, but if there isnt sometimes i take a break and read the archives, makes me laugh, 100% guaranteed. So, take your time, do what you must and/or want (congratulations btw, hadnt said that yet), and above all make sure that making this is as much fun as reading this is to us/me

hkmaly says:

Osk: I'm usually using RSS, but this comix I look every day because of comments ...

hkmaly says:

(I mean, when I'm online ...)

Ultrainventor says:

yes, feiht, they will defenetly be under that small rock.

hkmaly says:

Ultrainventor: ... which reminds me ... she's evidently not completely mortal. Or would YOU be able to lift a rock bigger that you?

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