Chasing the Sunset
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aj68 says:

it's white.

1st comment

Alric says:

I see white too!

Jeremiah says:

"My God, it's full of stars" In fact it's so full it's white.
Hope there is a comic soon. I'd like to know who's going to win, Feith or Feith. This said, if fairies keep reproducing asexually, we're in real trouble.

LadyPhoenix says:

Whew, for a moment there i thought it was my browser that was the problem. (Just updated it.)

Iceea says:

chewing nails nervously...

Rock says:

Not another april fool's gag... PLEASE.

spark flare says:

white white
what happened
where is the pictures

Orca says:

The picture is not sitting on the server, hence white. It happens, and will be cleared up in due time.

spark flare says:

pleace fix it
wow. .
pleace thanks

spark flare says:

. .

Golux says:

Feight's newest masterpiece, "Polar Bear in a Blizzard" is on sale at a gallery near you, bring plenty of shineys!

Bean long says:

It's a blizzards! Hurry everyone in side!

Osk says:

next chapter will be in the snow! it's white, see?

Lee says:

No, it's actually a black cat in a coal cellar, but it's accidentally come out negative.

Beacon80 says:

Really, I thought it was an epic battle between the armies of Garrath-Tin and the Alliance of Light (consisting of Elves, Dwarves, Men, and of course, Himapandaras), except Feiht decided to paint them all white... in a blizzard.

spark flare says:

still odd where is the comic or or this is the comic

Dolph says:

It's more or less a rule now that all updates starts with white, and then at some point it comes in colors too ^^

CyberSkull says:

She broke the comic!

thome says:

its the center of the sun
or faints broke it

Iceea says:

hmm, we got snow on April Fools day, but this???????????????

spark flare says:

i think that the comic is giving me a headach
+ i am begining to be scared
also is it a april fools joke
did i make a tipo

Osk says:

yes you did:


Osk says:

and I forgot "an", its the typo between beginning and the forgotten ?.

I didn't count full stops either. punctuation, people!

spark flare says:

thanks because I was tired

Osk says:

i actually thought it was a joke since there was a typo in tipo :D

hkmaly says:

Do my comments go through today?

hkmaly says:

Dolph: While all updates starts with white, usually after few days the white are either replaced by color comix or is reverted. This is record in how long the white page last. It's making me worried ...

Also, why my comments wasn't getting through in friday?

Darius Drake says:

I can see the colours.

To prove it, Feight confuses herself halfway through. I won't spoil the ending, though.

CyberSkull says:

I'd make a silly comment, but this comic is too silly for that.

Alric says:


Golux says:

Oh no! I can see two Feihts in the future. Is it better to have a Pixie who thinks you are a target or a friend?

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Love the new comic - such a perfect sample of Feight's pixiality (cuz she's not a person, so she can't have personality...) and the art looks wonderful. :)

Pulsy says:

Pixiality! i like that word! Perfect to describe Feihts reasoning and ungraspable sense of logic! Lots of green and brown in this comic by the way. Very dynamic drawing of the fight, i especially like the second panel. Also, sweet job on shading the wrinkled robes!

Ultrainventor says:


gah! now my head hurts even more.

hkmaly says:

... ok. The "I thought I was the evil Feiht" seems to indicate they switched places, but I don't see where. Confusion successfull.

Watsuki says:

hk, I think good Feiht chucked evil Feiht over herself in panel 3, then resumed as evil Feiht in panel 4. I think. And I'm cleraly incapable of being incorrect.

distantvoices says:

w0000t - page online :-) what a cat --- no - PIX-Fight :) Hilarious.

Keyotea says:

Prepare for trouble,
And make it double.

Iceea says:

hmmm, well it makes sense if in panel 4 we assume the fully standing Feiht is the "good" Feiht as she would be back on her feet faster than the thrown "evil" Feiht, panel 3. Or at least that's how it works in most fight scenes. BUT pixie logic being what it is and Feiht's particular brand seeming to be over the top who can say...

Iceea says:

and where did the scroll come from from - Pixie's Rules of Order?

Iceea says:

ooops, sorry for the double post, dang corporate firewalls

Osk says:

they are pixies, who knows where the scroll came from

anyway, we're all thoroughly confused now as to which feith is feith

4WindsWanderer says:

Is there still a way to vote for the comic on TWC? I can't find a voting link. Love CtS as always. :)

Ford Prefect says:

This whole two-Feights thing kind of has a Fringe-esque feeling to it.....:)

Rgemini says:

Ominous birdy claws on the way ...

Osk says:

wow, i hadnt spotted that one yet, the feight of the feith, thanks ford prefect :D

Osk says:

yeah i also read a certain othe comic that kind of makes fun of all the aliteration in rpg spells and whatever, so i like to point my finger especially (for new readers) since feiht spelled backwards is thief. all together its enough to put an icicle up your nose. no idea how that feels, i have a high tolerance for anything but stupidity, so i never tried. Thats it for my daily madness

Indrico says:

Two Feihts or not two Feihts, is that the question? Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer outrageous pixies . . . .


I just wanted to tell you, inc ase you ahdn`t noticed, that an update timer that is still counting down, just to be repeteteveley proved wrong (ergo no updates) is BAD PR.
No matter how cute Rune is (and he is cute). :)

Zela says:

Heheheheh. Niiiiice.

Ultrainventor says:

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Fear of long words

Ultrainventor says:

just thought I could put that up...

beanlong says:

two Feihts means double the trouble!

aj68 says:

i think she got confused in panel 3.

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