Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

More cameos. The gnome and half elf with the raven in frame two are D&D characters of ours.

krazzy says:

bard pretty even from here... hope she's not a he alien!!!

ellwonay says:

hehe, love the look in anya's eyes in the last panel thing...

ivellios says:

i think its cute how feiht is tugging on aynes ear also in the last panel ayne looks more feminen then normal

Icy says:

Or... \"We must free it so the Apoclypse shall be nearer!\"

Bubbles says:

No comment

Rendezvous says:

oh fieht fieht fieht

Statri says:

The bard looks like she's sitting on the table. And is that blood on the elf's armor in frame 2?

TheNextTaggerung says:

Actually, it's just colored red. It's also unlikely he speared something with it.

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