The Man Who Knew Too Little
Chasing the Sunset
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Ladyfox7oaks says:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! There's a WEEPING ANGEL!!! DON'T ANYBODY BLINK!!! (So happy to see a new page! :) Hope all is well with the family! ) WEEPING ANGEL! AAHHHH....!!!

Winterbay says:

On that topic I saw an interesting comment on twitter the other day:
What if the Statue of Liberty is a giant Weeping Angel that is constantly petrified because people are always watching it... :)

Pulsy says:

Wow i love the detail on the new character! His face in the fifth panel is perfect, as well as the hair! He looks frightened and confused, the way you would expect someone to look in his condition. Perfectly drawn!

Also - did you guys notice where Feiht went? That can't possibly be good...

Iceea II says:

Feiht is hanging from Leaf's staff in the second panel. AND in the last panel there is half a golden hoop in the rock to the far right. Is that a handle to lift the rock and reveal a hidden subterranean chamber??

Sasha says:

I figured the ring was there for Feiht to pull out and be declared King/Queen of the Isle of the Dead.

craebild says:

Oooh, in panel 3 Feith is crawling up into the bag around the top of Leaf's staff, and there is a clearly visible bulge showing Feith is in the bag in frame 5 and 7. What is Feith up to now, that thing on top of the staff is shiiiiny!

Lee himselfself says:

I tried to buy insurance against my PC melting, but they wouldn't sell me any.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

I'm with Ladyfox7oaks - AGGGHHHHH!!!! There's weeping angel statue!!!! SCARY!!!! And the new comic is GREAT.

Silanae says:

I love how the angel has her eyes covered in panel 4, but is peeking in panel 5. Clearly someone should go back to watching it more closely. :D

Golux says:

Arrrgh! Isle of the Dead Amnesia. Darn, I hate that feeling!

Ultrainventor says:

Huh. sounds like I confused him with my chemistry lectures. they have that effect on people.

Odo says:

I took out the magnifier and it appears that Feiht has crawled into the sack that covers the jewel on the staff. She's swinging on it in panel two and in panel three we can see her dress vanishing underneath. Not that knowing where she is will lessen the sense of impending doom...

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