The Bird
Chasing the Sunset
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Nova says:

Why didnt the bird try to eat the pixie when it was in the cage with it?

Ayrin says:

And why doesn't the pixie fly?

noir says:

I hummed and everything!!

ArcticChicken says:

Bird grabed the pixy by it's wings, so now they're all crumpled.

Kamden says:

The tense music gag was great. I just started reading the comic yesterday (2/31)
I think it's great, and it's fun to watch your artwork evolve, and the character settle into their physical apperance. I'm glad there are alot more to read before I have to start waiting for updates.

Bubbles says:

i humdoo (I hummed too)
Why doesn't the bird get a place in the "Cast" thiingy? (Wyduzzen the bird geddaslot innacass thingy?)

Rendezvous says:

fieht is so troublesome

Statri says:

I can't help but wonder why the pixie from the cage looks so different from Fieht. Is she a different type of pixie?

Statri says:

Maybe the pixie's wings got cramped from sitting in the cage so long.

Icy says:


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