Price of knowledge
Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

Where are the little guys always hiding under the magnifier? They seem to have disappeared.

Alien says:

Indeed, they seem to have vanished. How mysterious.

Iceea says:

But using it for closeups of Ayne and Leaf is way cool. Which asks the question, at what size are the originals drawn?

Derakon says:

The magnifier doubles the size of the strip, looks like, making for a 2000x1280 image. That still makes for some small details (e.g. Ayne in panel 3) so I could believe that the original was double the doubled image -- 4000x2560.

Incidentally, the magnifier is an awesome detail. More webcomics should have it!

ShinRaiten says:

Knowledge hoarders, what price DID you pay? Other then being turned into floating green guys.

Mithandir says:

Originals are drawn on A3 paper and then scanned. Coloured master files are 5648x3616 pixels.

ultainventor says:

I was looking at Ayne's quiver of arrows, and I realized something. bows and arrows are useless to this group; Ayne only seems to use her sword, Leaf only fights with furies, i would love to see myhrad try to use a bow, and feiht's about as big as the arrow's head, so she can't use it either.

plus, if leaf is the better archer, why doesn't he have the bow and quiver of arrows?

just me observing things.

Le'e says:

For the uninitiated, A3 paper is 297 420 mm, or twice the size of the standard A4 document size. Though I guess for CtS that would be 420 x 297 instead...

-Norbert- says:

Leaf probably doesn't use his bow, because the one he packed is more like a toy.
Feiht might not be big enough to use a bow in her favourite shape, but remember that she's a Pixie. If she felt like turning into a hulking 20m big Battlemech, she could do it and she has the magical power to literally turn her enemies into dust, if ever she works up the determination and focus. Why would she bother with a mere bow, even though she could use it?

Anyway having a bow and not needing it is certainly better than needing it and not having it along. They might have used it to hunt for food "off-camera". Besides, there havn't exactly been a lot of situation in the comic, where shooting people with arrows would have helped.

Firelander says:

Though there have been enough situations where shooting pixies would at least had helped them getting their stress level down

Xa says:

Shooting pixies? Somehow I doubt that would work out.

Wisknort says:

Remember the Amazon tradition? "Shooting pixies" doesn't necessarily mean they're the targets.

Pulsy says:

I love leafs line in the fifth panel... there's some very good thought put into that. Another reason to love this comic: even the small stories are perfectly thought through!


Shooting pixies from a pixie gun would be an effective weapon.

Wisknort says:

Convince them there are shinies at the bottom of the barrel.

Revelation says:

All the green floaty guys look nearly exactly alike, the only difference is their beards. Maybe a badge of how many things they know?

XRumerTest says:

Hello. And Bye.

Iceea says:

A3 is pretty big, approximately twice the size of "std Letter". It would seem that us yanks and 7 other countries are the only ones not to have adopted the ISO A, B, C sizes. That would make an awesome, if very non standard size book. An A4 sideways format would work though, that's not uncommon.

Alric says:

Well Leaf has these nice Furies to give away as payment for knowledge. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone :p

Firelander says:

No he will just promise to take somebody with him, that way increasing the knowledge of one without truly losing the knowledge for himself, and he still needs a new crystall.

Me says:

I like the Spirit of Knowledge's reason for the price. It understands that knowledge should be used, but only by thoes who understand its value. Unlike that stupid owl guardian from Avatar TLAB.

ultainventor says:

wow. avatar reference! I actually know that episode.

ultainventor says:

I just thought of something. the spirits only know that which they collect, and they collect from the human dead, then all they can know is where he was last seen by a person who could have died a long time ago, or where he was seen by any knowledge seekers who came to the island. even if the information was recent, by the time they get to the location specified the information could be outdated, and as no one dead or alive knows where he will be and where he will go in the time it takes to reach him, the spirits can't know that either, and therefore cannot give any exact location as to leaf's father's whereabouts anyway. they can only give them a general idea.

ultainventor says:

oh, and I don't know about everyone else, but the bg picture for this page on my computer has a bunch of code written across it.

Wisknort says:

Whoops. Anyway...
@ultra: That's a good point. I'm still going with the theory that he'll just take one with him instead though.

ultrainventor says:

Wisknort: I don't think that will work though. the knowledge spirits only give information for memories of equal importance to the receiver of the knowledge. they won't just give away knowledge for the chance to learn things. the price has to be important to the receiver as a kind of fail-safe system or safety thing so the knowledge isn't abused.

Wisknort says:

I never said they'd actually do the deal.

ultrainventor says:

yeah, I guess you didn't. sry

AJ26 says:

but leaf just wants to find his father.


Mith, please eat better and get your rest. And stock up on homemade chicken broth.

Me says:

YAY! Updates have returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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