Chasing the Sunset
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... says:

"I'm nota theif, I just steal things."
So how long has Feiht been hanging out with Groo the Wanderer?

Puddingpie says:

Ayne's sword is very stylish in the first frame. Actually, her whole ensemble is pretty stylish, with the slit dress and the high boots and all. Whoever says she looks masculine is nuts, because I can't see a man dressing like that. Sure, she's tough, but that's her personality, not the way she's drawn.

Bubbles says:

SOHAC'S A BOY?! i mean...

Icy says:

Wow. A lot of gender miscalculations in this comic.

Jacquee says:

And Sohac is almost, almost Chaos backward. I can see how "Soahc" would have been a bit tricky.

Statri says:

I thought Sohac was a girl!

Camolotthe29 says:

-1 point.
New pixie intellect lvl: 2/10

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