Wakey wakey
Chasing the Sunset
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IrishDrinker says:

FIRST COMMENT! And awesome.. piss off the dragon

Kris says:

Nothing wrong with the shading imho

Rocks, Maps and Crafts says:

Yippee new comic! I really do love Myhrad's attitude. :)

caribet says:

hoho! "cruel"...

Me says:

If cats could talk...

MSB says:

Bite him! XD

Kim says:

Cowardice or laziness ? That is the question. I think I would chose laziness, I could sleep through a thunderstorm. On a plane. That was headed directly towards the thunderstorm at the time.

Pulsy says:

When the dragon is baring its teeth at you and growling... eep! Pure courage, Ayne!

The end of the year is busy because all work related things obviously need to be completed before the earth has made a complete cycle around the sun since last time we had to finish everything before the cycle was complete... wait, that explenation just looped back on itself... who came up with this nonsense?

ultrainventor says:


ShinRaiten says:

Oh, the look in mhyrad's face in the last panel... priceless.

Lee that am and are mostly says:

Heh. Spring flower. And spring demon?

watch out for fireballs says:

@ ultrainventor: i think it might be william doing the repairs

and no matter how small they are now you dont anger a dragon they get big and can hold a serious grudge

ultrainventor says:

@ Watch out for fireballs: Still, Leaf should not be anywhere NEAR the boat while William is fixing it!

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