Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

What? She BOUGHT them?

nameless says:

hkmaly: and probably stole back the shinies afterwards. Unless she forgot that part.

Firelander says:

Saying no to the pixies, does he really think that will work?

ultrainventor says:

The apocalypse is here! Pixies are obtaining items honestly!

Golux says:

Reflected sound of underground spirits = EchoGnomics. I'd run like mad, soon behind will be InSewerAnts...

Me says:

Telling someone they can't do something makes them want to do it all the more. Telling a pixie they can't do something is like daring gravity to pull. -_-

Doc says:

a busy life is a happy life ;-)

Kim says:

Nuhuh? I can't tell if she's agreeing or not.

Lee that's been writing for ages says:

Ahem. "Embarrassing". Literally an embarrassing error.

Pulsy says:

Clothes disappearing by themselves? ... Oh great, im going to have nightmares tonight #.#

hkmaly says:

Pulsy: Funny, I had few very good dreams involving disappearing clothes ... :-)

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