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Chasing the Sunset
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Lee M (co-author of NSFW 'Nightshade the Merry Widow' by Ed Kline) says:

I totally noticed Leaf's staff. Naied it!

...I'm lying. I can never spot details like that when they're staring me in the face.

Pulsy says:

Poor Myhrad, the universe and the pixies are conspiring against him!

Also, where do i buy those candles with the blue flames? That would be amazing for dinner parties!

CYB0RG777 says:

Hahaha! I almost forgot how awesome Myhrad is as well!

IrishDrinker says:

Wouldn't be impossible... think I have seen them before... but I know that it would require fire to be a certain temperature...

ArcaneLumen says:

My only concern now is whether or not Ayne had a towel.

TheGrandUser says:

I love Myhrad in that last panel. Head-wall frustration/exasperation XD

hkmaly says:

Mithandir says:

Lee: you got an excuse this time. The staff was retconned into the previous strip because a communications messup.

Lankhmar says:

Huh, when the staff was fixed, did the last comic-746 lose the really creepy, ominously and terrifying magnifier-only text on panel 3?

...I don't think I was imagining it, or was I?

Mithandir says:

Er ... yes, it might have. Sorry about that. I mean .. uhm... I don't know what you're talking about. There was no such text. Ever. And it most certainly won't be back when I get off work later today.

Pulsy says:

Guys, how's it been going? :) Any estimates on the next comic? :D

Iceea says:

As much as I totally adore this comic your health is more important. I'll still be here, eager to read the next page when you're up to it. I'm speaking for myself but I suspect many others feel the same way.

Pulsy says:

*feels the same way as Iceea*

Fluffy says:

When is the next please ? :p

Arcane_Illumination says:

Hope you start feeling better soon. We'll all be here waiting, hoping for your health.

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