Bedtime Negotiations
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Yet a cameo. The half-drow by the bar is a D&D character of mine.

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

Inkee-per? Do you have a cage?

Bubbles says:

wots a half- drow?! could somebody reading this comic please tell me?!

Bastet says:

And what is a drow???

Midnightsky says:

A drow!!!

Doc says:

Lots of drows on !

Nightclaw says:

Statri says:

A drow is like an evil elf. They have dark skin and withe hair, and in the books I've read they think they are they only good race in the world and all the others are evil. They live underground, but they come to the surface every now and again. They usually make raids when they do come, but a couple of them behave themselves.

Moocow says:

I like the cage

InBetween says:

the cage wouldn't work, faith would joust become bored. nothing is more dangerus than a bored pixie...

TheNextTaggerung says:

idle pixies are the devil's tools.

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