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What are your memories of Chasing the Sunset? Why do you read us? How did you find us? What's your favourite strip/storyline/character? Let us know your personal highlights of 10 years of Chasing the Sunset!

AshI first came upon Chasing the Sunset when I was but a tween; it's beens so long I don't actually remember how old I was. I've followed the comic faithfully since then, and it proved to be the gateway for a love of webcomics that has lasted me until today. I found the link for CtS in the back of a Muse magazine, where another reader had entered it into a contest for their favorite website. I followed the link on a whim and instantly fell in love with the comic. I remember when Ayne became an Amazon; I remember when the Bard-King explained the Gamun Fantasy; I remember when Myhrad first breathed fire. I haven't always commented but CtS is, has always been and always will be the first comic that I loved and one that I plan to follow until the very end!
C-PM@Ash I came in from Muse, too! XD It has been a long ride, and I'll be happy to read for years to come.
demodudeI first heard about Chasing the Sunset from the Muse magazine contest as well. It was some time later that I actually checked the link out and I came in on #481, needless to say I was rather confused without any sort of context. However CtS became my first webcomic and while I have found and read more than I can keep track of over the years it will always hold a special honor because of it. I remember helping a friend of mine calm down by introducing him to CtS and even though webcomics didn't last for him we still refer to it regularly when discussing characterization. I'm proud to have been here for so much of the comics run and still remember staying up late at night to be the first to see the 500th comic. I remember the time when Ayne made the god of Irony weep. I'll definitely be happy to keep reading until the day that the story reaches its happy ending and our heroes ride off into the sunset. (Pun completely intended).
Reilinehaha, got here when I was doing a wiki walk on tvtropes. relatively recent here (was at around mid 600 chapters at that time) but really loves the story and all sorts of characters here! :)
SashaRowanI don't remember exactly where I found this comic from, probably following a link form another comic. My boys and I have been enjoying the adventures of Ayne and Leaf for a few years now and laughing at Feiht and Myhrad. I really appreciate the work you guys do for our entertainment and hope you are able to continue!!
PulsyI discovered CtS when i clicked a banner on the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge. That was in march 2005, nearly 8 years ago. I must have liked whatever was on the banner, because i rarely click banners. This was the best banner i clicked on. Ever. Honestly.

After reading the entire story up to that point, i added CtS to the "check daily" folder in my favorites. That folder has about 3-8 other comics in them on average. They usually last untill i lose interest in the story, or untill the updates dwindle. Didn't take long before i moved CtS to the bottom of the list. That's a good thing: it's the one i save for last, because it's probably the best/funniest comic in the list. CtS has been in that spot for at least 7 years. The other comics still come and go, and occasionally one makes it to second-best. But not further. Never further.

Every update, this comic has provided me with laughter and happiness. It has done so ever since i was a student, and keeped doing so for over a quarter of my life. You guys have brought me joy, twice a week on average, at no benefit for yourself. You two are amazing, wonderful people. From the bottom of my heart, i thank you.
KimI found Chasing the Sunset when i was looking on Top Web Comics. I think it was number 100 and it seemed interesting. Before to long this comic became my number 1 favorite. Every time there is a new update my entire day just gets better. All the characters are great but my favorite is Feiht. Look I talk like Rhyme, I can go on for a time. However I will stop now, but 10 years, Wow.
ReginaI think I got to Chasing the Sunset from either Adventurers! or RPG World, both of which are no longer going. I started reading it about the time they met the Lady for the first time, back in 2004. So I haven't been reading since the beginning, but time-wise, close! I loved it immediately. This comic always makes me smile, and despite the challenges the characters go through, there's still something innocent about them. Not naive, but innocent. And this world needs more innocence. So I'm glad you two are still going! Delays and hiatuses don't bother me, so long as after a while you come back to it! Thank you for all your hard work on it, and I hope you continue! I look forward to the story to come.
Red ShadowI started reading when I was in college, and it was one of the first webcomics I found that I still follow (some completed, some died, and some got boring). I think in story-time, the cast was just entering the Amazon territory, but it could have been earlier too. Probably found it off one of the top ten sites or maybe an ad on another comic, but I really don't remember now.

I love watching how much the art has improved over time and how much Feiht's character has developed. My favorite story line was the history/political/travelogue-pixie-hunt section with King Dersil and Ja'el, partially because history and politics are my area of study and partially because those two are such great supporting characters. And, obviously, because Feiht pwn'd the witch-lady, which was awesome.
Dark DragonLike many others, I found CtS after seeing a link in the back of Muse magazine. The comic was part of the way through the Message from Home arc, and it only took me a few days to fly through the entire archives. I'm glad I've been able to follow for all these years, and hopefully the story will continue for years to come. :)

(Got my copy of the book shortly after New Years, and it's awesome!)
OdoI found CtS... I'm not sure what I was following, but it was undoubtedly a link from another webcomic. It must have been 8-9 years ago because the archives didn't last me very long.

What has kept me a fan is the consistent humor and twisting of tropes while at the same time keeping the characters and their situation real. Following the real-life adventure of the two of you has been a pleasure as well. Keep on doing this, please.
MatrimCI have lost track of the years I have been visiting and reading CtS, I started somewhere around the second chapter, but I have always loved it. Redirected by a banner ad on one of the other webcomic sites I visit, never to leave my bookmarks after. It has distinguished itself from many other fantasy webcomics as a tale with epic proportions, and likewise epic consequences. From my experience, Fantasy stories are only as good as the world the author creates. I may not have realized just how close to my heart your comic was until I did your anniversary quiz. When reading the questions, and laughing at the inside jokes in them, and then scoring highly and realizing I remember details from the very first strip, has proven to me just how much I enjoy CtS, and how much I will continue to enjoy it. Thank you!
BregenorI actually came upon chasing the Sunset not too long ago, probably less than a year, and I absolutely devoured it. It is exactly my sort of humor I absolutely love it. I also love it because somehow, despite making me laugh every page, you manage to slip in some very profound things. Chasing the Sunset can always make me smile. It's in my archive of great literature, and as when I have the finances I am going to BUY IT! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Pixies away!
Chasing the Sunset
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