Hey all!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the first strip of Chasing the Sunset going online. Wow. Alien and I have been doing this for nearly a third of our lives now!

In those 10 years a lot has changed, of course. Back then webcomics were pretty new and we were making it up as we went along. Nowadays we are still making it up as we go along, but we no longer have an excuse.

I want to thank everybody who is reading our little comic and especially those readers who have stuck with us through sometimes long periods of sporadic updates. We haven't always been punctual, but here we are ten years after we started and we're still updating (and more regularly now than in the not so distant past).

Thank you, all of you who come to our little website to read our silly little story of elves, dragons and pixies.

Thank you, all of you who through the years have commented. Your words always drive us to keep going!

Thank you, all of you who have spread the word to your friends and family and who have let others discover us.

Thank you, even if you never say anything or do anything except show up in our traffic logs.

It's because of all of you that we have reached this milestone. Thank you.

Oh, and also a thank you to Comic Rocket who kindly are running a free ad for us on their site today, and to all our friends of the Fantasy Comic Portal who are sending traffic to us today as well!


Hey all!

Today marks the 12th strip of this year. Wow. No, wait, that's not what we're celebrating, is it? Oh right, ten years, that's it.

It's strange to think about how large this has grown, when i consider its humble beginnings. I was doodling a little dragon in MSpaint, and didn't want to just colour it green, so i asked some friends online to name a colour. One person said blue, another orange, so i took both. This was the result:

As people wondered what i needed the colours for, i ended up showing them the stripy dragon. Many of them actually liked the beast, and Mithandir opined we should make a comic with it in, and as we started plotting out something more thorough than "something with a blue and orange dragon in", we found out we could make this story happen. And so we set to work.

Since that time, CtS has grown immensely, and us with it. We are better at creating this webcomic than when we started, and hopefully that does make it more worthwhile to follow. Knowing people do follow it and enjoy it makes it all the more worthwhile to create, and seeing visitor numbers and reading comments always makes us feel all squishy and happy inside.

10 years, 728 strips.

If I'd just coloured that dragon green, i'd probably not have shown it to anybody, and CtS would never have existed.

I'm glad it didn't end up green.


Chasing the Sunset
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