10 Year anniversary Secret Code

Over the past few weeks we've hidden a secret code. It's still there, for those who know where to look. Did you find it? Did you crack it? Is it secret still? Is it safe?

Throughout the day we will put more hints here, but the more hints you need, the less chance for prizes you have.
Clue #1: The clues are hidden where Fermat could not put his proof.
Clue #2: The amount of clues equals the atomic number of boron.
Clue #3: The code has relevance to our story.

If you think you've cracked it, try your luck. Get it right, and you may win. If you submit multiple answers, only the last entry is counted, and the time of its submission.

Who are you?
E-mail (for your price if you win)
The secret code
How many people will guess it?
Chasing the Sunset
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