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R.I.P. Western Black Rhino

Created Tue 11 Jul 06 - 0:43 by Mithandir in category Misc
The BBC reports that an expedition to the last known habitat of the Western African Black Rhino has failed to find any trace of their continued existance. Humanity has once more been able to utterly destroy an entire species.


peteabsolutely horrific news, and surely more to come, humans are the true cancer of the planet.
Aerinelf*gasp* No... *wide eyed stare* I love black rhinos! And that's horrible! >:( You'd think that humans would get the picture by now. There are more endangered and extinct species on this planet right now than there ever should have been in the entire time in which life will exist on its surface! Grrr....
Nebra ReppalkWe've got a couple of Black rhinoes at the Cincinnati Zoo, I don't know if they're Western African Black rhinoes though...
BobHey, it's not always our fault. There are lots of variables that may have caused this. There could have been a contagis desease that would have killed a large population.
GhostYes Bob, But in the case of Rhinos, it IS us.They were hunted in huge numbers for their horns.( Who is the idiot that told that the rhino horns have magical powers )