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The once and future Mith

Created Mon 18 Jul 05 - 0:25 by Mithandir in category Misc

So what have I been doing? Well I've been reading some. Yesterday I finished the latest Harry Potter. In fact I finished all Harry Potters, as before two weeks ago I had only read the first one. Constant nagging from friends has been pushing the series ever higher on my to read list so two weeks ago I started reading from book 1 and saturday around 16:00 I finished book five. I then went out to get book six (which was released that day) and finished that too for good measure.
I'm not going to give any spoilers about it as I know people here will skin me alive if I do, but just want to say I thought the latest installment to be far superior to the order of the phoenix and I'm looking forward to the seventh, because after the ending of this one, that one looks to be very interesting.

All this reading (apart from the harry potter books I also finished some books in the sword of truth series as well as some short stories by Ursula Leguin) has kindled once more the desire in me to write. You see, I'd love to become a writer. The problem is that I'm no good. No, don't argue with me. People are always so kind when they feel I'm being too harsh on myself but I feel it's important to be realistic and when I compare myself to published authors, I'm crap (people often tell me I should not compare myself to those, but I can't honoustly see why not. Yes, I'm an amateur, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be a *good* amateur, or in fact, eventually, a proffesional).

Now, I know what it takes to get better: practice. Loads and loads of practice. I can't even remember how often I have decided to spend at least X time a day writing, but I know I've never held that promise to myself for longer than two days. Well, I'm going to try again! This time however I'm also doing some other things. I made/am making an application to help me keep track of my writing. Just a simple little thing to keep my notes and characters organized, tho I'm hoping to expand it to keep track of relationships and timelines as well. If there's enough interest, I might open up that application to others.

I know there's some other amateur writers reading Chasing the Sunset (hi Stormdancer, for instance) and was wondering whether they had any tips for me. If so, well, my email address is on this post and there's this nifty link form to leave comments with as well!

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue Small Steps into Fantasy. I missed last week's installment due to Murphy's law, but will make up for that with a larger than usual installment tomorow.



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