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The whispers of moonlight

Created Wed 1 Feb 06 - 3:49 by Mithandir in category Snippets

Imr looked up. The moon was whispering to him. It was audible only to him, singing a soft song of mystery. Words flowed, teasing like moonlight reflecting on the water of a small but fast river. He smiled and reached out, not to the moon itself but to its silvery light, catching it in his hand. As he did so, it solidified, changing from mere light to a liquid of energy that floated above his palm. Stretching his other arm, he gently waved his other hand around the magic. He never touched it, but as he moved, it followed gently and he sculpted it so into the form of a large butterfly. When he was done he drew his hand close to his face and blew gently. The butterfly of light flapped its wings, circled his head and then flew off, bopping merrily in the warm air.

There were more efficient ways of sending a message by magic, but none matched this for beauty.

He looked at it go for a while, and then sat down. It would take a while for his little creation to deliver its message and then longer still for its recipient to make her way here. She would come, of course. He didn't doubt that.

As he waited, he created a little bird of light. It hopped off to a higher branch of the tree they shared, shedding drops of yellow light like misty rain.