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Created Sat 11 Feb 06 - 14:17 by Mithandir in category Snippets

A little bit of explanation about this "snippets" category of the blog might be helpful at this point, I guess. Not that much is needed. This category is simply where I paste snippets from stories I'm writing. Often they'll be parts I like or parts I'm strugling with and would like an opinion on. Sometimes they're part of stories I've all but abandoned but that I wanted to share at least bits from. Sometimes they're just things I wrote on the train, or half asleep on the laptop. Sometimes they reflect how I'm feeling. Sometimes they don't mean anything. Sometimes they just are. Sometimes I'll put commentary in the posts. You'll be able to tell the difference between story and commentary easily: the story has a thick line on the left (as you can see in the snippet below).

Whatever they are, feel free to comment on them. I'm always trying to get better and any critisism or praise is always greatly appreciated.

Comments on these snippets may convince me to continue the story they're from or to change it, or give me new ideas.