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Magical lights (from an untitled moonlight story)

Created Sun 12 Feb 06 - 14:26 by Mithandir in category Snippets

Below him two spots of light appeared. Imr quickly put the letter away and with a wave extinguished the were-light. It was starting.

Slowly the spots moved, tracing a line of light behind them that was not unlike the were-light. He wondered if anybody in the city could see it. Somebody must have, once, the letter proved that. He watched on as the light crept, circling the city until it formed a ring of magical light shining upwards like tiny drops of light falling towards the sky. New lines formed, tracing the streets of old, drawing a map of the ancient city in golden light.

Hmmm ....
I may be overusing that imagery, I guess. Not quite sattisfied with the flow

Tho I have pretty good faith in the resolution of this story, the middle lacks plot (which is why I haven't gotten on with it yet).

This bit is from near the start


Bobi like it how it is now. why does Imr care about an old map?