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Sometimes I hate computers

Created Mon 13 Feb 06 - 13:49 by Mithandir in category My Life


I have _the_ worst luck with installing or reinstalling anything and I try to avoid it but ... due to my PC going halfway belly up, a reinstall of the operating system was sorely needed.

And it went bad.

As usual.

I tend to keep two partitions: one for my software and the other for my files. The thinking is that if anything happens with the software partition, at least my files are alright.
In the same vein, it means I can get a fresh start without losing any files.

In theory, at least.

Except this time after the format and install of the OS ... the files partition was corrupted.

Now this partition contains everything. Really. Every file relating to Chasing the Sunset, for starters (all 11 Gb of them), all my stories, all my pictures, ... everything.

Yeah I hear you saying: back things up, but it's 50 Gb of files all told, and that doesn't back up too easily.

Ah well ... a lot of fear, sweat, dark voodoo rituals and despair later, I've managed to get all my data back. The voodoo bit included converting the entire partition to FAT32, so once I got access again I moved everything to other hard drives and partitions and formatted.

In fact, it's still formatting.

It takes ages.

The point of all this? There may well not be a comic wednesday.

Update: Meh ... seems like I've lost a fair amount of data after all. Quite a few of my pictures seem to have gotten erased somehow (the files still exist, still have the right size, but contain no data) and the same is true for several of the comic master files (but those I should have a backup of on my external hard drive). There's probably more files similarly affected that I'll find out about soon.



Not sure if this'll aid you or not in attempting to recover some of the data with the partitions damaged. If you only did a quick format instead of a full format there is a chance it might.