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Rocks and Lights

Created Sun 19 Feb 06 - 7:00 by Mithandir in category A Pixie's World

I had some fun today taking pictures. It's amazing yo ucan do with a few pieces from a geology sample set (which we bought on the vesuvius in italy last year), a pair of bike lights (one red and one blueish-white) and a candle.

The results can be seen here. No editing was done on those pictures except for a bit of sharpening.


EbethWow. AMAZING rocks! Rocks rock. *groans from the crowd* Yes that was lame. I apologize. Really cool though. Especially with the fire. (FIIRRRE!!! Yes, i'm a pyromaniac. :D fire's cool) and the light. aaaaah the light. Ok done rambling now. Two-word summary-Cool pics.
BastetWow. The Pink Quartz is especially cool!