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I go fast nowadays

Created Fri 24 Mar 06 - 0:18 by Mithandir in category My Life

So I got a new bicycle. It was needed, the other having carried me for over 10000 km before finally succumbing to the fate that awaits all my bikes: a broken pedal axis. On this new bike I put a new speedometer, because, well, I'm a competitive person, even against myself. Anyway, this particular speedometer is a wireless model, which is a bliss because it's very easy to install. However, the people who made it could have picked a frequency that is not used by so many wireless networks .... now while I'm driving I will ocasionally go between 100 and 199 km/h. Right now I'm sitting in the office and the speedometer lying next to me is telling me I'm moving at 59 km/h.

Man, I got fast.


merlinangelheh heh