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Created Fri 7 Apr 06 - 3:05 by Mithandir in category A Pixie's World

It seems that cats cannot think outside the box. Wherever ours find one they will try to curl up in it. Whether the actual size of the box makes this physically possible is irrelevant. Boxes are there to be curled up in!

Considering how cute they look trying to fit their entire bodies into a box roughly the size of a CD drive, I can only applaud this behavior.


Adaehee hee... I love the behavior of cats!
Adaethey are almost like pixies...
BobI=^..^=I (Cat in CD drive)
Dark DragonThe other thing that cats do is chew on cardboard.

Why this is I cannot say....

My Cat should be bald by all amounts of logic taking into acount the amount she sheds...but she's not...