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Created Tue 9 May 06 - 15:24 by Mithandir in category My Life

Sooo ....

Yesterday when I was in Holland for work I managed to stupidly get a finger jammed between a car door and the rest of the car. This hurt. The driver didn't notice at first and drove off, forcing me to run alongside for a few meters, too.

It's now over 24 hours later and blood is still dripping through the many layers of bandages. This blood is coming from where my nail used to be - it is now only attached by a small scrap near the tip. It still hurts, but I've had worse.

So anyway, comic soon.


AdaeOW! I hope it heals soon!
Mithandiryeah me too ... I've changed the bandages now but even though it's now thursday it still bleeds and is still very sensitive.
LeeMy niece was about to wave her boyfriend goodbye when he slammed the car door on her fingers. He insists it was an accident, but she had two broken fingers.

And when I was a kid somebody trod on my finger and shattered the nail. So from Leanne and me, get well soon.
ZelaOwwww... (cringes) Nothing's ever happened to me, but you have all the sympathy of myself and my brother, who once cut his finger to the bone hobbying. (Warhammer) But I finally got him to read CtS!

I'd hate to know what 'worse' is.
Der WachtelschlagOh! I hope it gets a lot better soon. That sounds painful. And 'worse' sounds like biochemical warfare.

How long did it take for the driver to notice!?
Ajemiiouch! i did something like that once. only i slammed the door on my own finger. it REALLY hurt!
Very Badd SpelerI once punched out a window and got plenty of cuts. Don't remember it very well but I assume it hurt. :) Get all healed up soon!
Max Randordefinetly ouch.