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Ithie is back!

Created Thu 10 Aug 06 - 17:00 by Mithandir in category My Life


Ithildin is back!

Now most of you didn't know this, but Ithildin, the grey one of our two cats, had been missing for over a week and we were very worried. However earlier today he came home (home in this case being my mother's home). We're bringing him over to the new appartment tomorrow morning to make sure he can't dissapear again for a while.


Max Randorgood. when I was very small a picture book for toddlers (I was younger than 5 at the time) reccomended putting butter on their feet.
RobHey Mith, long time no talk, what happened to you on a certain IRC channel, where you used to hang out in DMsnGm's (think that was the name anyway).. Miss getting to annoy you on things for adding to the bot ;) hehe..

-Rob (from enerla).
the lone powerdamn that ithie for worriing you!!!!!!!!!!! sorry itthieeeee d