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Created Fri 8 Sep 06 - 2:38 by Mithandir in category Photography

I was going through some "old" pictures (read: taken a month ago or so with my new camera) and came across these. I'm quite proud of them:



EbethLizards are amazing and i love them. w00t w00t! Oh and i love the sea otter too, but i'm too lazy to go back and comment there, so just so you know. XD
Aerinelf*huggles lizards* Ha! I love how that one is hanging off the branch. Nice photos!
the lone powerfat ugly a** lizs)(ha jus kidin their cuuuuuuuueti pies yes they areeeeeee!!!!!
fredthis lizzard is sweet
i love lizzards they are the coolest things ever this one is the best one ive ever seen i wish i had this on XD.......
EmmaI would like to know if you had pictures of colorfulls family. We found his dad. But not the rest of the family.