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New lens

Created Sun 15 Oct 06 - 10:43 by Mithandir in category Photography

After considerable difficulty I have finally received my new lens on friday: a 50mm/F2.0 (semi)Macro lens (which on my camera magically turns into a 100mm lens, at least as far as angle of view is concerned). I got this lens both because I love macro photography (and close-up filters are simply not the same thing) and also because at F2.0 it is a brighter lens than either of my other ones (which start at F3.5 on the wide end). In fact, 100mm/F2.0 makes a pretty sweet portrait lens (narrow DoF).

I've taken some pictures now, and all in all I'm pleased. It's not a true macro lens (1:2 magnification which only becomes 1:1 with crop factor) but it's sufficient (I've ordered a macro extension tube to improve it). As I expected it makes a good portrait lens, and is even indoors fast enough to capture my little niece (5 year olds simply have no understanding of motion blur). It's a sharp lens and while the autofocus can be a bit sluggish at times, it seems very accurate once it makes up its mind.

Below are some of the macro pictures I took today in a nearby flower garden. Warning: bugs!

Itsy bitsy spider Bzzz Hairy flower More Bzzz Yet more bzzz Fluffy! Butterfly Same butter, different angle Yay Oooh Ooh front-shot Buzzzzz Washing hands in flowerpowder Beetle


OdoNice. Insects are hard to do well. Congrats.

Now, back to work... we want more comics. *grin* Really, whenever you get around to it is fine. No pressure. :)
Dark DragonWow...I'm impressed.