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The State of the Comic Address

Created Tue 9 Jan 07 - 6:15 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset

Well, it's been 2007 for a while, so it's maybe time to give all five of you who read this blog some idea of what's going on in the Chasing the Sunset multiverse ....

First of all, the comic itself.
After a spade of hiatuses and missed updates, we're hoping to stabilize back into or normal schedule of 3 strips a week. I say normal, but as you're probably aware it has been everything but that for quite a while. We've tried, and all we can do is continue to try.
The coming year should bring, with a bit of luck, some progress on the many interwoven plots that we've got going on, to wit:

With all likelihood at least one of these will be resolved before the year ends.
Of course, knowing us, we'll probably add another dozen or so strands before then.

Now what about the site?
As you can tell, it's been completely changed for 2007.

Well ...
Not quite completely perhaps. I still have to do the pixie forest and some icons here and there, but on the whole it should be easier to find things now. We even have an rss feed with new additions so you don't have to miss anything new I add (like background pages etc). Don't like rss? There's a normal page for it too.
The new design is based on WillowCMS, the system I wrote for reinder's rocr and have been using for this blog and my pictures.
My plan is to add at least the following pages in to the background in the next month or two:

What else, what else ... hmm ..
I've been working on a new story, but it's going slowly and may end up in my "never finished" pile. Shame, because I thought the beginning was a bit promising (but not quite sure where to take it after that)

That's about it, I think ... the state of the comic