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Seeking Africa

Created Fri 16 Feb 07 - 0:55 by Mithandir in category My Life

Hey all!

Yesterday we paid the deposit on something Alien and I have been loosely planning for many months now: a trip to Africa.

And not just any trip.

The trip is called "East Africa & Gorilla encounters", it's a discovery style adventurous trip where a group of people travel together in a converted truck/bus through (in this case) Eastern Africa. We'll spend about 80% of the 21-night trip camping out in tents, the rest in small hotels/hostels. Starting and ending in Nairobi, we'll travel through parts of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Highlights of the trip include (but are not limited to):

- Serengeti national park
- Ngorongoro Crater Reserve
- Lake Victoria and the sources of the white Nile
- Mountain gorilla trek in Rwanda's Volcano NP

The last part (for which we need special permits, which we're not yet certain we'll be able to get) will (if everything works out) put us within arm's reach of wild mountain gorillas (the same ones, incidentally that Dane Fossey, of gorilla's in the mist fame, studied). We'll only be allowed at most one hour near them, because authorities wisely want to limit tourist access.

We haven't got plane tickets yet, but likely we'll be leaving around the 7th or 8th of June (the trip starts the 9th) and be back the first of July. We'll do our best to have a buffer up by then so you'll have at least one comic per week while we're gone.
Meanwhile, we're working hard to get Alien in shape. It will be a strenuous adventure with some heavy walking and it will need a physical fitness that currently Alien does not have. As a result we have a bit less time for comic than usual, but we try.

It's an expensive trip for us (even now we're not sure we can really afford it :P) but our philosophy has always been that Life should be lived as fully as possible and this trip will give us unique experiences. Alien and I want to see the entire world, all its wonders, all its mysteries, drink teh soul of the earth and say "Yes, this is life.".


UnniAs a girl who has fallen in love with Africa and been there 6 times, I totally understand your dream of going there :) And I wish you the best of luck and if you want any tips of how to live a good life in Africa don't hesitate to ask me ;P But if Alien doesn't get in a really good physical condition, I strongly advice you to just do very small hour-trips and rest a lot, I have seen many white people getting very sick because of a too tight and straining program. Remember to groom your feet every night hehe. Hugs from sister.
Nebra ReppalkRemember, drink plenty of water. I don't need you people getting dehydrated on me. Even if you don't feel thirsty, drink water.
odoFantastic! I have to agree with Unni that physical conditioning is needed (not just for Alien) Having to limit your activities due to physical problems is not a good thing.