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It's been a good week

Created Fri 25 May 07 - 1:45 by Mithandir in category My Life

Been ages since I posted here, so now's as good a time as any...

It's been a good seven days.


Last sunday I found a relatively cheap second hand flash unit for my camera. While it's not as compatible with my camera as I had hoped (it's an olympus flash, but from an earlier series), it's still nice to have. Yay!

On wednesday, I got a raise. Yay!

Also on wednesday I found out that Tales from Earthsea, the anime movie version of one of my favourite fantasy series will be played in antwerpian cinemas after all ... we're going to see it on saturday. Yay!

On Thursday the postman brought to me, one photo storage unit, whee. It's a nice one and working perfectly except it doesn't seem to accept my xD-H cards. Shrug, no big deal. It's a lot smaller than the previous unit I had (which broke) and can be charged from USB. Yay!

Also on thursday, my lens finally arrived! I had ordered a Sigma 135-400mm lens in early march but due to underproduction at Sigma, I'd all but given up hope on getting it before the africa trip. Hence I was very pleasantly surprised when I called my retailer and it had just arrived. I've taken some test shots with it and it seems I have a steadier hand than I gave myself credit for so even hand-held shots shouldn't be a big problem. Megayay!

On Friday I upgraded the firmware on the photo storage unit and it now accepts the xD-H cards. Yay!

I'll have some more posts up here soonish about the new lens, the trip to africa and what's going to happen to Chasing the Sunset while Alien and I are playing chicken with rhinoceroses.