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First pictures from the africa trip up

Created Fri 20 Jul 07 - 9:14 by Mithandir in category Photography

The first pictures from our trip to africa are now up. These are about 150-200 pictures from the first week and includes two of the most impressive wildlife parks in the world: ngorongoro crater and the serengeti. The other weeks should be less impressive since my battery charger died around day nine, limiting the number of pictures I could take.

Here's some of my personal favourites:


CoyoteAmazing. :D
MiaO.o It's like a pro took them! Seriously! Stunning! And very sharp, clear pictures, so I'm guessing you have a mean camera, too. *is quite impressed*

I have no ideas what kind of batteries you have in your cam, but, I've seen some solar battery chargers. ... I don't know, might be an idea to check out? Should be handy when there's no power grid.