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A day back in time

Created Mon 27 Aug 07 - 0:11 by Mithandir in category Photography

This weekend was the "Weekend of experimental archeology" at the archeosite in Aubéchie (a small village in the french-speaking part of Belgium). During this weekend the site is home to a heap of reconstructions from the neolithic and gallo-roman period, like iron age smithies, roman legions, etc etc. Consider it the equivalent of a renaissance fair, but set some 1500 (and more) years further back.

Both Alien and myself took a heap of pictures (me using my new camera (which I got last week)), partly to use as reference for the comic. Here's some of the ones I took:

Roman soldier on guard! Gaelic basketweaving Centurion? High ranking roman dude at least. Gaul Roman girls Traditional cymbal dancer Gaelic smithing Roman Shield Tortoise Celtic? music  girl Grim looking roman soldier

More pictures: Gallo Roman Weekend


Mogget's Little SisterPlaying two pipes (or whistles) at once! Goodness, he's talented! :-)
Pulsyoooo it's Alien wearing chain mail! :D