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Spider Webbed Wasp

Created Sat 1 Sep 07 - 4:15 by Mithandir in category Photography

So I was working in the garden today and came across something I hadn't seen before: a spider (what we call a "kruisspin" = "cross spider") webbing up a wasp that was bigger than itself!
Being a photography enthousiast I quickly grabbed my camera (which, conveniently still had my macro lens on it) and took some pictures.

Warning: Don't follow this link if you're squeesy about bugs or spiders. Link features macro pictures of a spider and a wrapped wasp taken by me. Macro means: They're big. Very big.

On to the pictures!


TwilightThe link doesn't work. It leads to a 404 error.
MithandirFixed now, thanks.
Pulsyomg you can see the spiders hairy legs and everything... nice lens on that camera :D Also good job of the spider to not get stung since that would most likely kill it.
MadgeYour pictures are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! I have never seen such clear or such close pics of these insects. Awesome job!