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Cats and doors

Created Sat 6 Oct 07 - 7:52 by Mithandir in category My Life

For about a year now our cats have been locked into our apartment. Since we have double glass doors and windows, we never really had a way for them to get in and out ... until now:

Behold: The MacGuyvered Catdoor Contraption (MGCC):

We're so scared now ... our little kittens all alone outside ... what if they don't come back?


Mogget's Little SisterDon't worry, they'll comce back!

Love the cat window door thingy. It looks mighty awesome!
PulsyVery well thought of to use an open window, but doesn't the cold come in through the top and bottom of the window now? Doesn't the window being open at the top and bottom kinda defeat the purpose of having a cat door (so no cold air could enter but cats could)?

Hehe, i'm imagining my fat lazy cat entering through the little door ... and instantly falling off the window-sill XD
Dark Dragonthe MacGyvered Door is brilliant...I'm sure the cats will appreciate it. They will come back once the novelty of the world outside has worn off.
furia firelanderor when they get hungry ;)
PulsyIt's been about 5 days now ... cats back yet? :P
Eraikei W. O.They'll always come back. Even if you try to get rid of them... They find a way back. 'cause cats all know who feeds them.=P
xp194one of the more awesome designs I've seen in bids for kitty freedom.
Oskarent there catflaps etc designed for better heat conservation like double-glass/plastic flaps yet? This does NOT look practical