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Alien's going to slaughter me ...

Created Sun 11 Nov 07 - 4:55 by Mithandir in category Mithandir's Blog

... for putting these on the front page :)

But she needs some self esteem. For some reason she thinks she's ugly, but well ... look at this little photoshoot:


CoyoteDon't be so shy. :D
AkylaAmazing pictures. "Alien in the Woods 04" is definitely my favorite, a beauty in tuned with nature.
Also...I want that dress!
OdoSorry to hear of your imminent demise, Mith. However, thank you for giving us a view of the creator of this fantastic comic. These photos were obviously taken with affection, and it is clear to me why.

Alien, please don't kill him too much.
KaiouShe is beautiful. I think they are wonderful pics.
JadeIs it a corset and skirt? *peers closely* I think so. It's very pretty.

...Ahem! Sorry, I like that sort of clothing! Anyway, the... Alien (?!) in the clothing evidently thinks less of herself than she should. These photos are beautiful, for want of a better word they are incredibly artistic. Fantastic model, combined with a wonderful choice of clothing, poses and location make these gorgeous photos.

...Even if Alien doesn't think so. ^_^
(It's very odd to refer to a person as "Alien" though ^^; )
PulsyWoah what a fabulous dress :O Alien is cute as a button! :D Very nice set of pictures too, in the woods, with a kitty, all dressed up, posing for pictures... she can't think that badly of herself when she likes having pics taken of her :D

Then again, judging women i know that think they're ugly, posting their pics online is... well, lethal, at best. I hope your sentence will be carried out quickly and swiftly Mith, but ... *sigh* i do believe you're in for a slow, agonising, torturous death :P
Irish DrinkerWow, amazing pictures. Whoever took them has a talent for taking them, and as for Alien, I must say she is quite beautiful. Great looking hair, amazing eyes. Also, her choice of clothing, as well as the settings and body poses, make her amazingly beautiful, artistic, and sexy in a classy way.

Alien, if you read this, then make sure that you heed these words. YOu must not think down apon yourself. You have much going for you, in both beauty and talent. DO not dispair! We are here :)
MidgeAlien, you look fabulous! I like ALien in the Woods 3!
X-KalAlien, post pictures of Mith ;)

They're awesome pictures! And it's an awesome dress, too! I can understand the bit about not wanting to have pictures posted, but hey, I don't think there's anything in there to feel self-conscious about. Awesome!
Allanon KisigarI approve, indeed. While Alien may not be beautiful by current social standards (but then again, current social standards favors the women figure where they're so thin you can count their ribs. Ick), she has a more classical beauty, and the outfit really brings it out, and makes her look quite lovely. And I DO so love the outfit.

Though really, Mith, you must have known that you would die slowly and painfully afterwards, right?
SitaraPlease don't kill Mith, Alien, he just couldn't resist putting them up! You look way too cute.
MidgeAnd to add to my previous comment, Goth LAien 3 is my second favorite. You look beautiful! I also agree with X-Kal. Post pics of Mith. =]
bluegreenelfletYou look gorgous Alien, I want your clothes!!!!!
Pom RaniaI want those clothes too; they're so pretty.... *drools* Although, I look terrible in red, so I'll let you keep them. If they were in BLUE though....

She's not ugly; I don't think that ANY of us are supermodels. Supermodels are stupid anyways.
ShiqraLOVE the dress!!! Gorgeous forest setting - awesome pictures. Don't be too hard on Mith, Alien. Those are beautiful pictures.
I Love it. i have nothing else i can say, it's just so great. She's beautiful.
RoseyI think she looks beautiful Her classic beauty is inherent. As a girl who favors girls, i can truly apreciate her good looks
DocWell .. there's definitely a lot of Alien.
UnniYou look gorgeous! I had the opportunity to see you with the outfit "live" :D Thank you for coming to see us cutie. *hugs*