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Kids are too smart these days

Created Wed 26 Mar 08 - 3:38 by Mithandir in category My Life

So yesterday I was in the car with my 7ish-year-old (6.96 to be exact) niece, Imani. With me was also Alien (Siri).
At some point I said something to Siri in english and Imani asks (in dutch) "Why does Siri speak French?". So I explain that siri is Norwegian and ask her to say something in Norwegian, which she does.
Then the following conversation took place:

Imani: But I don't understand that language!
Me: That's Norwegian. And where are the Norwegians?
Imani: Well, here. In the car.

Kids are too smart these days :)


PulsarHehehe gotta love kids logic :D But Alien is called Siri in real life? That's a pretty name! :o