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I'm 3 years old today

Created Mon 5 May 08 - 23:47 by Mithandir in category My Life

Yay me. After succesfully navigating 11, 2², I have now passed 3³ years of age. Next target: 44


WinterbayGood luck with that :)
Jozef Smiti wish you luch to get that 256 years :)

Maar in ieder geval veel geluk en ik hoop dat je een fijne verjaardag hebt gehad :p
Lady Phoenixmy Husband turned 43 on your birthday. He took the day off of work and everything. lol

Dark DragonHappy Birthday, and good luck making it to 2^8.
LithorienHappy 27th. :)
UnniHappy birthday that was! :D Hope you had a nice day.
Nebra ReppalkYeah, congrats on the whole 27 thing. I dunno, maybe we'll get some fancy sci-fi tech between now and when you're eighty.
MajestycaWhoa, that's my birthday too! Happy belated B-day, Mith! (If only you could live 256 years... then we'd have that much more CTS. If of course, WE lived that long)