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Antwerp Ren Fair

Created Sun 8 Jun 08 - 13:03 by Mithandir in category Mithandir's Blog

Today was the second day of the antwerp mideaval/renaissance fair. Since the weather was fair and it wasn't far I had a look see if I could take some snapshots. Sadly, and as usual, all my pictures were crap however that's not stopping me from sharing some with you:

Mommy I don't wanne go to war!Darn, how does this work again?Aaaaarchers Pull!Funny armorOwlCute mideaval girlKnight in shiny armorFalconKnight battle action shotWith this sword I thee behead


Nebra ReppalkI have to admit, it looks like the Antwerp Renaissance Faire is far more historically accurate than the one here in Ohio. Ours seems to be based more on entertainment and selling things than historical recreation. Then again, most Americans probably wouldn't realize the difference.
Dark DragonOOH! Ferret! I don't know why you think they're crap, the pictures are really really good!
AlexActually alien, these are amazing. Love the close up of the knight in shining armor in the other lot.