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Some new flatmates

Created Thu 14 Aug 08 - 5:06 by Mithandir in category My Life

Two female Gerbils joined us after Jonatan, our spotted mouse, died. They have a big cage in a nice spot now and tease us by being entirely impossible to tell apart, forcing us to - for now - address them jointly as Trickxy.
(Both pictures are off the same gerbil. It seems one is more adventurous and thus the name Trickxy, but we can't tell whether it's consistantly teh same one being adventurous!).


VikingAwww.... Gerbils... I LOVE gerbils.
I used to have a colony of them :)
Enjoy them Alien & Mith :)
love Viking
AdreannaYou could try putting a dab of food colouring on one of them. It won't harm them, and will wear off pretty soon, but might give you a chance to see if they consistently behave differently!

Also... Awww, they're so cute!!
dark dragonawwww...... was there a change in the light between taking pictures? because they look like they're 2 differnt colors.
AerinAwww! So cute!