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Rest Well, Tharlavan

Created Tue 13 Jan 09 - 23:37 by Mithandir in category Mithandir's Blog

Tonight Tharlavan died. He was an old cat, a stray who one day late last summer walked into our house and gradually adopted us. He was very skinny and the vet said his kidneys were gone, but he liked us (and our food) and while he was a bit raggy and worn out, he was a gentle cat with a nice purr.
Rest well, Tharlavan. We knew you only briefly, but hope we made your last few months worth living.


OdofitzgHe looks as if he knew what he was doing when he chose you two.
Just an idle question, where did his name come from?
-- Odo
AlienHis name is Sindarin, and loosely means 'Beast from Beyond'. Or, basically, cat from outside.
A lovely beast he was, didn't take long to trust us.
bluemeadowsi am so sorry, i know you didnt have him long but you still get attached :-( *hugs*
Pulsylmao Beast from Beyond == cat from outside XD Too bad the beast is no more though ... He looksquite old indeed, and what's better then spending your old days in a warm place with lots of food and several hands to pet you?
CtS FanThe death of a loved pet is a sad thing indeed... May he rest in peace.
NecomancerHe looks like a very sweet cat, and you did what was right by taking him in. I'm glad to hear you two got to meet each other before it was too late.
Majestycaaww, my favorite cat just died last month. its rough when you get to love an animal and it dies. feel better!!
AlienCondolances, Majestyca. Remember the good times!
Goldenear777I've had several beloved pets died on me, just redently, a cat i've had all my 13 years of life. it really hurts. i'm sorry for your loss.