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Our holiday plans

Created Tue 3 Mar 09 - 10:32 by Mithandir in category My Life

Hey all,

Those of you who frequent our IRC channel already know that Alien and I are planning another big trip this year. Since we've just booked our flights for it, I figured I'd bring the rest of you up to date (you know, in case anybody cares).

Older readers may remember that in 2007 Alien and I did a 21 day overland trip in eastern africa. We had such a great time there that we decided to go for something similar, except bigger.
This time around we'll be traveling in southern africa, taking Oasis Overland's "More Deserts and Game Parks" trip from Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) all the way to Johannesburg (South Africa). On the way we pass through Botswana, Namibia, Cape Town and most of South-South Africa and Lesotho. In total it's a 40 day trip plus a few days joining/leaving (the plane trip alone takes some 17 hours all told).

We're hoping this trip will be as great as the last one. The itinerary promises some great memories at least, but a lot depends on the group of people we'll be traveling with. Last time around we had a bunch of absolutely awesome people there (which made saying goodbye quite hard).

Now don't despair. We're not gone yet. The trip starts the 30th of august and we'll be gone from the 28th of august till the 10th of october. We're already working on making sure we have a buffer for the comic by then so you won't have to miss a single update, and we'll get somebody to keep an eye on the site and kill any spam that props up.

Once we get back, I'll bore you all too death with wildlife pictures :)


FirelanderA month long vacation, wow, that;s really long in my oppinion, but have fun :D
Nebra ReppalkStay safe, out of trouble, and tell Alien to wear plenty of sunscreen, we don't want our favorite Norwegian getting burned to a crisp.
PulsyDo you take stow-away applications? If i stop eating now i can probsbly fit in your suitcase bu the time yoú leave. If the customs open your case and find me, i'll just say i'm a underwear gnome. They take care of underpants during travels, you know.
RocksMapsandCraftsSounds Awesome! I'd love to be bored to death with your pictures. ;)
ZaliLucky you, i love south africa.
TitiNo news good news, hope you guys have fun in South Africa !